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Stars have tried on new hours TISSOT

The end of October has been marked by display of a new collection of hours TISSOT. Models which have unusually and brightly presented a novelty, were « Red Ivanushka », duet Plazma, little girls from Tutsi, Danko, Mitja Fomin from Hi-Fi, "fabrikantka" JUlja Mihalchik, « national actors » Panajotov and CHumakov and others. Dancing, echoing and making advances, stars have not allowed to start missing to anybody from gathered.

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Swedish company Oriflame has presented new aroma
Swedish firm Oriflame has let out new aroma Radiant Lights. Perfum has incorporated the nature of this northern state, diverse and majestic.
Founders of perfum have been inspired by long and solar summer days in Sweden. Radiant Lights – iskrjashchijsja the цветочно-fruit aroma filled by magic energy of the sun.
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Sofia has taken part in photosession for « Louis Vuitton » the Coppola
The French fashionable house « Louis Vuitton » not for the first time surprises with the wonderful choice of heroes for an advertising campaign. This time the offer to participate in photosession with known bags has acted to director Frensisu Fordu to the Coppola and its daughter of Sofia.
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Some advice about that how many to store cosmetics
Often enough women use one and tezhe powder, blush or shadows some years successively, thus not asked by a question – as the long period of storage is reflected in quality of cosmetic means? Well and in vain, therefore as this question not idle time – long stored cosmetics is capable to cause at least allergic reaction to a leather.
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Jeweller linen from Ines de Kastilo
Ines de Kastilo has offered decorative jeweller tatu which can be carried as underwear. For data jeweller tatu is available replaceable klejushchajasja a surface by means of which the ornament fastens to a body.
admin June 10 2008 7:23:57 AM For a press
Supermodel Zhizel Bundhen the person of advertising company Max Factor
Supermodel Zhizel Bundhen will be the person of the advertising company of cosmetics Max Factor during two years, for what will pay to it nearby 2,5 million dollars. So it is registered in conditions of the contract, signed by топ-model and the manufacturer of cosmetics.
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How many there is a beauty?
Practically any girl dreams to have a well-groomed body, magnificent hair and a sound health. But at times purchase of cosmetic means and ecologically pure products which approach girls to this ideal, flies in kopeechku. A cream, perfum, decorative cosmetics, on leaving, and also products useful to an organism – the present set of super-lady three young ladies who have got in an objective of the chamber of the latent supervision have decided to catch means in shop.
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Magazine " Glamour " on June, 3rd in New York chose the best women
In New York on June, 3rd took place ceremonies of magazine " Glamour " where votings have been summed up and awards most-most glamurnym are handed over to women. For achievements in different areas have received:
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Ministry of Sound now makes also perfum
Ministry of Sound now not only a popular night club in London, but also two aromas under name Nightlife for Her and Nightlife for Him. Competition where everyone can podgruzit the image from night parties is spent To support of aroma on a site of club, look another's and vote.
Perfumery compositions of both perfums are described as фруктово-musky.
admin June 10 2008 5:04:15 AM For a press
Gymnastics for the person from Victoria Bekhem
eks-"perchinka" watches a condition of a leather of the person.
For quite some time now, as family Bekhemov has moved to Los Angeles, Victoria is compelled to give much more time to the appearance. As the reason for it the specific climate of city has served.
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The world of a fashion has lost one more kutjure
On funeral of one of most the famous kutjure the world of a celebrity hardly were constrained with tears.
5 June the fashionable world has said goodbye to one of the main founders - the greatest kutjure XX centuries Ivom sen-½«Óá¡«¼ (Yves Saint Laurent). It has died Sunday on June, 1st on 72 year of a life from a tumour of a brain.
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